Monday, March 10, 2014


So I had an interesting experience today. My girlfriend invited Buddy Boy and I to meet her and her son at one of those activity gym places (oh, just because I don’t want to use real names, I’ll nickname it Germboree) for a play date.  How fun…we get to go somewhere!

Unfortunately, I never travel lightly…because you never know what’s going to happen or what you’ll need when you don’t have it.  (Of course, this time, Buddy Boy didn’t so much as wet his diaper or spit up).  So we showed up with full-on diaper bag, my purse, the Baby Bjorn, coats, boots, hats, water bottle, sunglasses, etc., etc., etc.  Six hours later, we finally got unpacked and sat on this large and colorful parachute that reminded me of my grade school gym classes.  Most of the babies were sucking on community jingle bells and chunks of foam.  Dangit…I forgot Sophie in the car.  I guess he’ll have to make do with his hand because there ain’t no way I’m turning him loose to make out with these random objects.  Hey, I’ve fought flu season for five long months; I am not throwing in the towel that easily!

In the next five minutes, two people asked me how old “she” was. Honest to God, that’s a first; no one has ever mistaken him for a girl.  One lady quickly explained that she thought he was a female “because he’s so pretty.”  Hmmmm.

The other moms were very sweet even though my child sat there with a horrified slash annoyed look on his face the majority of the time. Sorry, you’re not going to get a smile out of him no matter how hard you try. He’s a tough crowd…unless your name is daddy.  He had a great time balancing on this large rolling pin thing and really enjoyed being swung back and forth like a pendulum.  Buddy Boy liked looking at the other babies, but did not like it one bit when an overzealous 9-month-old crawled up to him and started shoving his wet jingle bells onto his lap.  That’s about when the I’m-going-to-cry-any-moment face began.  And then he did cry when the parachute began waving over his head and also wasn’t a huge fan of the pop-up jack-in-the-box clown (who would be, really?).

Oh, one more thing I almost forgot.  The teacher had to “invite me” to place Buddy Boy down on the mat; perhaps I was clutching him a bit too hard.

This is totally my fault; I know it! I don’t do enough things that force him to interact with strangers and unique situations. My goal is to become a little less routine-oriented and a little less rigid and open ourselves up to new, fun experiences such as these.  Overall, I’m really glad we went!

However…I’m still wondering if I can give him a bath in Lysol?

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